High Concentration H2O2 Gas for High Volume ALD

The Internet of Things requires low power and high performance semiconductor devices, which will only be enabled through new materials and 3D architectures. These new devices must be processed at lower temperatures and more care must be taken to avoid damaging complicated physical structures during cleaning processes. As processes scale, oxidants must also be able to support to high volume ALD.

The Peroxidizer is the first tool to enable stable and particle-free delivery of high concentration hydrogen peroxide gas, enabling lower process temperatures, greater use of new materials and high process throughput.

Emerging Requirements for Peroxide Gas

Hydrogen Peroxide gas eliminates problems associated with other oxidants used in semiconductor fabrication processes. Ozone and oxygen plasma are too aggressive, penetrating below the interface layer and damaging both surface structures and the bottom electrode. Both ozone and water have greater steric hindrance than H2O2, leading to dense interface layer. In addition, plasma cannot deeply penetrate high aspect structures, resulting in non-uniform coatings.

Water is less reactive than H2O2 gas and requires higher process temperatures. These properties make water a poor choice with new materials, new precursors, and lower thermal budgets.

H2O2 gas is more reactive than water at low temperatures. High reactivity enables process engineers to use precursors that normally would not react with water or ozone. This reactivity also results in active removal of carbon.

H2O2 gas achieves higher density nucleation than other oxidants. H2O2 has less steric hindrance than water or ozone because it decomposes into hydroxyls on surfaces. The resulting dense layer of hydroxyls creates an ideal surface for ALD.

High concentration hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) gas generated and delivered by the Peroxidizer® is ideal for next generation semiconductor processes including high volume atomic layer deposition (ALD). The Peroxidizer is the first commercial vaporizer capable of delivering concentrations greater than 5% H2O2 gas by volume from 30% H2O2 liquid source.

The Peroxidizer Difference

The Peroxidizer delivers high concentration hydrogen peroxide gas for next generation semiconductor processes, including atomic layer deposition (ALD), annealing, cleaning and etching. The Peroxidizer delivers H2O2 gas at temperatures as low as 80C—well below the H2O2 liquid boiling point. Low delivery temperatures enlarge the available thermal budget.

The Peroxidizer delivers 10 times higher concentration than the previous technology it replaces. Delivered droplet-free, H2O2 gas is a superior oxidant for use with new semiconductor materials and processes that are sensitive to high temperature and defects.

The Peroxidizer delivers at a 4:1 water:H2O2 molar ratio—the most concentrated H2O2 gas delivery available. For the first time, ALD processes can use H2O2 with minimal interference from water vapor.

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Anhydrous Hydrogen Peroxide Technical Paper
Anhydrous Hydrogen Peroxide Gas Delivery for Atomic Layer Deposition Technical Paper

Cheating Raoult's Law
Cheating Raoult's Law to
Enable Delivery of Hydrogen Peroxide as a Stable Vapor

Peroxidizer Datasheet


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