Hydrazine Gas for Low Temperature Nitrides

Hydrazine (H2NNH2) is an excellent low temperature thermal ALD nitride source. Next generation devices have low thermal budgets and high aspect ratio structures that create new challenges for nitride films. Ammonia generally does not yield quality films below 400C. Nitrogen created by plasma methods cannot uniformly coat the internal side walls of High Aspect Ratio structures and can cause surface damage.

Advantages of Hydrazine Gas

Hydrazine is more reactive than NH3, enabling thermal ALD at much less than 400°C. Hydrazine gas can penetrate high aspect ratio structures to create uniform films because it does not require a line of sight, unlike plasma methods. Other variants of hydrazine such as commonly supplied “Anhydrous” hydrazine contains large amounts of water contamination that leads to oxygen incorporation. Methylhydrazine and tButyl Hydrazine contain carbon that can contaminate films. All of these alternatives lead to device defects and poor electrical performance.

BRUTE® Vaporizer for Hydrazine Gas Delivery

RASIRC BRUTE Hydrazine delivers super high purity hydrazine gas into atomic layer deposition (ALD) processes. BRUTE Hydrazine combines highly purified liquid hydrazine and a low vapor pressure organic solvent that raises the flash point of the overall solution to provide additional safety. Precursor vapor pressure is maintained at levels viable for ALD under vacuum with or without a carrier gas.

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BRUTE Hydrazine
BRUTE Hydrazine

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