H202 and Wafer Cleaning/Surface Preparation

The history of semiconductor capital equipment follows a natural progression from wet to dry processes. As the market for dry processes matures, new markets will evolve. The biggest and most likely to follow is the wet cleaning tools from dip and dunk to dry/vapor cleaning.

One issue holding back this space has been the development of an effective vapor cleaning solution. The move from wet to dry could enable a single chamber to be added to existing cluster tools, eliminating the need for a wet bench process.The Peroxidizer® gives fabs a great alternative to their current cleaning technologies by delivering high concentration hydrogen peroxide gas.

Hydrogen peroxide gas enables dry in situ cleaning and surface preparation, eliminating the need for liquid baths and the contamination risk associated with transfers from bath to chamber. Less chemical is required for this dry process and no drying step is needed.

Hydrogen peroxide gas removes carbon-based contaminants on wafer surfaces while avoiding damage to device structures that can be caused by ozone or liquids. Organic hydrocarbons are oxidized, enabling their removal.

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Anhydrous Hydrogen Peroxide Technical Paper
Anhydrous Hydrogen Peroxide Gas Delivery for Atomic Layer Deposition Technical Paper

Cheating Raoult's Law
Cheating Raoult's Law to
Enable Delivery of Hydrogen Peroxide as a Stable Vapor

BRUTE Peroxide
BRUTE Peroxide Datasheet

Peroxide Safety
BRUTE Peroxide
Safety Data Sheet

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