Ultra-Dry Hydrogen Peroxide Gas for Oxide ALD

Hydroxyl Concentration

High Density Nucleation

For improved atomic layer deposition of metal oxides and higher electrical performance, dense hydroxyl nucleation without surface damage is critical. Water and plasma cannot achieve required ALD film growth at the low temperatures needed for high aspect ratio device structures. The paper “Anhydrous Hydrogen Peroxide Gas Delivery for Atomic Layer Deposition” details how ultra-dry hydrogen peroxide enables high density nucleation far beyond what has previously been observed.

Anhydrous Peroxide for Passivation and Surface Functionalization

Critical defects occur at metal oxide interfaces. High concentration anhydrous hydogen peroxide gas can create a very dense nucleation layer, resulting in faster initiation rates and fewer defects. Other oxidants can damage water-sensitive materials such silicon germanium, SiGe, or Germanium Ge. Anhydrous peroxide does not damage these materials and is therefore a significant enabler for greater device performance.

Low Temperature Oxide for ALD

BRUTE Peroxide is more reactive with ALD metal precursors than other oxidants, enabling low temperature oxide deposition in applications with limited thermal budgets. In addition, high concentration H2O2 removes carbon from surfaces, enabling gas phase in situ cleaning and surface preparation without incurring damage. For etching applications that require atomic-level etch precision, anhydrous H2O2 gas provides a less aggressive tool to process engineers.

Improve High K dielectrics in Memory and Logic

Next generation logic and memory device manufacturers face tremendous challenges growing quality high-k dielectric (e.g. HfO, Al2O3) films.

  • Interface and bulk defects can limit the performance in Gate Stack and FINFET that use novel materials.
  • Plasma technology requires line of site not possible in high aspect ratio devices.
  • Ozone gas can burn and damage surfaces, a new oxidant is needed for ALD applications.
  • Improved EOT
  • Damage-free dielectrics

Hydrogen Peroxide Gas can reduce interface defects, increasing device performance.

BRUTE Peroxide Beats Traditional Vaporizers

Traditional bubblers deliver less than 1% H2O2 gas by volume (see Cheating Raoult’s Law white paper for details). Flash vaporizers create droplets that lead to particle formation on wafer surfaces. In contrast, BRUTE Peroxide delivers up to 99.9% H2O2 particle-free gas by volume. No other commercial technology can deliver ultra-dry H2O2 gas. Process engineers can now use H2O2 gas by itself, or with a carrier gas. This is the first time that H2O2 gas and water vapor can be differentiated in process reactions.


RASIRC products purify and deliver ultrapure gases from liquids. First to generate ultra-high purity steam from deionized water, RASIRC technology now also delivers hydrogen peroxide and hydrazine gases in controlled, repeatable concentrations. RASIRC gas delivery systems, humidifiers, closed loop humidification systems, and steam generators are critical for many applications in semiconductor, photovoltaic, pharmaceutical, medical, biological, fuel cell, and power industries. Applications include ALD, passivation, surface preparation, cleaning, sterilization, thermal oxidation, carbon removal and nitridation.



Anhydrous Hydrogen Peroxide Technical Paper
Anhydrous Hydrogen Peroxide Gas Delivery for Atomic Layer Deposition Technical Paper

Novel Delivery of Unstable Precursors for ALD
Novel Delivery of Unstable Precursors for ALD
AVS Technical Session

Cheating Raoult's Law
Cheating Raoult's Law to
Enable Delivery of Hydrogen Peroxide as a Stable Vapor

BRUTE Peroxide
BRUTE Peroxide

Peroxide Safety
BRUTE Peroxide
Safety Data Sheet

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