RASIRC Honored with Three Awards Presented at SEMICON West 2006

Wins Attendees' Choice Award, Gassy Award, and Technology Innovation Showcase

San Diego , Calif. - July 25, 2006 - RASIRC®, the steam purification company, announced that it won three honors for its Intaeger™ UHP ultra high purity steam generator. RASIRC received Gases and Technology magazine's Gassy Award, Solid State Technology and Advanced Packaging magazines' Attendees' Choice Awards, and they were selected for SEMI's Technology Innovation Showcase. The awards were presented during the SEMICON West trade show, held in San Francisco , California from July 11-14, 2006.

The Intaeger UHP is the first product to provide ultra high purity steam and process control with a safe, non-combustible system that doesn't require hydrogen and oxygen to generate water vapor. Steam is produced by boiling de-ionized water, which is inexpensive and widely available. Water contaminants, including dissolved gases, are removed, metallic impurity sources are eliminated, and particle sources are greatly reduced. Producing UHP water vapor using Intaeger is an e xtremely efficient process, maximizing throughput.

The Intaeger UHP received the 2006 Gassy Award in the On-Site Generation category for its innovation, cost effectiveness, speed/throughput improvements, quality and ease of use, maintainability/repairability, and environmental responsibility. The award, sponsored by Gases & Technology magazine, was judged by an independent committee of seven experts representing science, academia, and users in industry. Each submission was evaluated on its ability to meet a significant industry challenge; creative application of a new or existing technology; overall quality and consistency of performance; economic merits; and throughput characteristics. Gases & Technology magazine is the leading trade publication for the major high technology specialty gases markets.

"RASIRC has demonstrated its technical prowess by delivering a product that fulfills an industry need for safe, efficient, UHP steam generation," said Paul Nesdore, chief editor of Gases and Technology magazine.

RASIRC's Intaeger UHP garnered the Attendees' Choice Award for Best Cost of Ownership. The award, sponsored by Solid State Technology and Advanced Packaging magazines ( PennWell publications), is based on a vote by attendees to the SEMICON West trade show. The award was presented by David Barach, group publisher for both publications, and Phil LoPiccolo, Solid State Technology editor-in-chief. Solid State Technology is the longest-running complete news, data, and research source for semiconductor manufacturing. Advanced Packaging serves those in operations that integrate electronic component packages into circuitry of their end products.

SEMI's Technology Innovation Showcase (TIS) program provides a platform for highlighting innovative companies, inventors, and entrepreneurs by exposing their innovations to a broad audience of semiconductor manufacturers, suppliers, and investors. The Intaeger UHP was reviewed by judges using a strict set of criteria including technical merit as well as relevance and significance to the semiconductor and related industries. As an award winner, RASIRC was a featured company in the TechXpot portion of SEMICON West. SEMI is a global industry association serving companies that provide equipment, materials, and services used to manufacture semiconductors, displays, nano-scaled structures, micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS), and related technologies.

"We are very excited and pleased at the recognition of RASIRC's technology and the Intaeger UHP ultra high purity steam generator, first by SEMI for our innovation and then by Gases and Technology and Solid State Technology/Advanced Packaging ," said Jeffrey Spiegelman, founder and president of RASIRC. " Winning the Gassy Award, which is judged by people directly involved with gas technology and its related industries, confirms that our system is an important contribution to industries requiring ultra high purity water vapor."

The Attendees' Choice Award has special meaning because it is based on votes from people in the industry. "When we designed the Intaeger UHP, we knew that the safety and purity benefits derived by generating steam using de-ionized water, an electric bulb, and RASIRC's patented membrane material far exceeded existing steam generation systems," said Spiegelman. "That the Intaeger UHP has a low cost of ownership is an added benefit. Most companies can realize a return on investment within six months."


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