RASIRC Discusses Role of Hydrogen Peroxide Gas in Advanced Lithography

Peroxidizer, Hydrogen Peroxide Steamer focus of exhibit at SPIE Advanced Lithography 2018

San Diego, Calif – Feb 26, 2018–RASIRC will discuss hydrogen peroxide gas in its exhibit area during the SPIE Advanced Lithography Conference held Feb 25-March 1 in San Jose, California. Hydrogen Peroxide gas has been shown to be highly effective for in-situ surface cleaning and functionalization. RASIRC has multiple delivery systems for the gas to suit the specific needs of each process.

“RASIRC’s Brute Peroxide provides significant improvement in surface functionalization in lithography photoresist applications,” said Jeffrey Spiegelman, RASIRC President and Founder. “These products deliver hydrogen peroxide gas in a novel way that dramatically improves nucleation, uniformity and speed in deposition reactions This will allow for low temperature deposition of metal oxides into polymer materials for resist applications as well as common spacer materials and ALD gap fill applications.”

The Hydrogen Peroxide Steamer (HPS) delivers steam and hydrogen peroxide gas for surface preconditioning, wet thermal oxidation and residual carbon removal. The HPS avoids potential carrier gas interference that can lead to lower partial pressure of active oxidants. The HPS also eliminates contaminants and droplets. Hydrogen peroxide steam can remove residual carbon in post resist removal applications as well as soften anti-reflective coatings prior to plasma removal.

BRUTE Peroxide is a novel oxidant that improves passivation and nucleation density at semiconductor interfaces when compared to water. Surface functionalization is denser and initiation is faster using this anhydrous hydrogen peroxide gas compared with alternatives. Key is that anhydrous hydrogen peroxide may react with only 1-2 monolayers of the substrate, ensuring that sub-surface oxidation is minimal. This allows for surface functionalization without surface damage.

RASIRC representatives are available to discuss hydrogen peroxide gas throughout the conference at booth #113.


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