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Hydrogen Peroxide Gas Delivery

RASIRC offers a line of products designed to deliver high concentration hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) gas to semiconductor manufacturing processes. H2O2 is well known for its superior oxidizing capabilities. Now H2O2 is available in high concentration. H2O2 gas is ideal for next generation materials and 3d architectures that are temperature and water sensitive.

RASIRC Peroxidizer® for High Concentration H2O2 Gas

PeroxidizerThe Peroxidizer delivers 10x higher concentration H2O2 gas at a given temperature and delivers droplet-free gas at temperatures as low as 50C when compared with a bubbler. The Peroxidizer delivers up to 5% H2O2 gas by volume from 30% H2O2 liquid solution. High concentration H2O2 gas delivered by the Peroxidizer creates a dense hydroxylated layer at a lower operating temperature than other oxidants.

The Peroxidizer is designed for next generation processes including atomic layer deposition (ALD), annealing, cleaning and atomic layer etch (ALE). H2O2 gas is superior to water, ozone and oxygen plasma. The water and ozone have higher steric hindrance, so interface layers are not as dense. Water requires higher process temperatures not compatible many new materials and device structures. Ozone and oxygen plasma can be too aggressive. Plasma suffered from poor uniformity across the wafer and in high aspect device structures.

The Peroxidizer overcomes Raoult’s Law, which ordinarily causes gas generated from H2O2 solution to be mostly water vapor. In addition, the Peroxidizer concentrates H2O2 gas before delivery to process. The result is stable, high concentration H2O2 gas at a 4:1 molar ratio of water to H2O2 delivered at up to 5% gas by volume.

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RASIRC BRUTE™ Peroxide for Ultra-Dry H2O2 Gas

PeroxidizerBRUTE Peroxide delivers anhydrous H2O2 gas for water sensitive processes including Atomic Layer Deposition involving new materials and 3D architectures. Traditional vaporizers deliver less than 1% H2O2 gas by volume. BRUTE Peroxide delivers up to 99.9% H2O2 gas by volume. Process engineers can now use H2O2 gas by itself, or with a carrier gas. This is the first time that H2O2 gas and water vapor can be differentiated in process reactions.

BRUTE Peroxide is a great choice when working with new materials and device architectures. High concentration H2O2 gas can create a denser hydroxylated layer (up to a 3x increase) than water, resulting in better initial growth rates and fewer defects. No other commercial technology can deliver ultra-dry H2O2 gas. For new water-sensitive materials such silicon germanium, SiGe, or Germanium Ge, anhydrous treatment is a significant enabler.

For a given temperature, BRUTE Peroxide is more reactive with metal precursors for ALD than water and less aggressive than ozone. High concentration H2O2 removes carbon from Germanium surfaces during cleaning processes without incurring damage to generate a passivated Germanium Oxide surface. For etching applications that require atomic-level etch precision, anhydrous H2O2 gas provides the greatest flexibility to process engineers.

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BRUTE Peroxide Datasheet

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