RainMaker Humidification SystemRainMaker Humidification System

The RainMaker Humidification System (RHS) is the first and only system to generate and deliver precise amounts of ultra pure water vapor purified for both ionic contaminants and dissolved gases. 

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Needing only filtered house de-ionized (DI) water and power, the RHS adds controlled amounts of pure water vapor directly into any carrier gas stream. It can humidify inert, corrosive, and flammable gases, such as hydrogen and oxygen, at a wide range of flow rates. The system can deliver into atmosphere as well as vacuum process pressures.

The RHS consists of a non-porous membrane that excludes particles, micro-droplets, volatile gases, and other opposite charged species from being transferred to the carrier gas and ensures only water vapor is added. The membrane selects only the source gas molecules. Other contaminants in the liquid source cannot permeate across the membrane or enter the carrier gas stream, resulting in a saturated product that is consistent and pure. Because it works on 100% carrier gas saturation, the system can be cycled on and off without significant effect on accuracy.

Unlike alternative techniques for adding water vapor ( bubblers, torches, and direct liquid injection) The RainMaker Humidification System can deliver precise control of water vapor and at the same time remove particles, dissolved gases, and ionic impurities.


  • A very low cost solution when compared to vaporizers or Direct Liquid Injection.
  • Delivery into vacuum, ambient and positive pressure.
  • Safe humidification of flammable or toxic gases.
  • Very low to very high delivery (0.1 sccm to 300,000 sccm).
  • Integrated temperature, pressure, and water flow control.
  • Minimal droop / Rapid response to set point change.
  • Purification of DI water source.

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RHS Particle Study
RHS Particle Study
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White Paper
RainMaker Humidification System for Precise Delivery of Water Vapor into Atmospheric and Vacuum Applications

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