RainMaker Humidifier

The RainMaker Humidifier adds water vapor to process gases. The RainMaker works with water, humidified gas or steam as the vapor source. The amount of water vapor transferred into the carrier gas is limited by the pressure of the carrier gas, temperature of the water vapor source and energy available. Precise delivery of water vapor can easily be controlled with the addition of a temperature control loop.

RainMaker High TemperatureThe RainMaker High Temperature Humidifier is specially designed for pharmaceutical, medical and biotechnology processes. It handles temperatures exceeding 80°C, while most contactors breakdown above 50°C. The RainMaker High Temperature Humidifier supports a high loading of water per liter of gas, rising to 1:1 over 82°C.

The RainMaker Humidifier uses a non-porous membrane to provide a barrier between the water vapor source and the carrier gas to be humidified. Water molecules rapidly permeate across the membrane, while the carrier gas cannot transfer the other way. Contaminants in the water source are also selectively rejected to generate a humidified gas stream that has a significant reduction in metals, salts, particles, and other gaseous contaminants.

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RainMaker Humidifiers can replace bubblers or hollow fiber contactors.


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