RASIRC Steamer 102B-50

Integrated unit delivers up to 50 slm flow rates

RASIRC SteamerThe RASIRC Steamer 102B-50 combines a clean steam generator, steam flow controller and steam purification assembly into a single system. The Steamer offers a range of flow rates to suit the needs of each customer. The unit can be installed in a combined or split cabinet configuration. The split cabinet can be convenient when there is limited space near the furnace.

The RASIRC Steamer 102B-50 increases oxide layer growth rate over torches, vaporizers and bubblers. In contrast to torches, RASIRC Steamers do not require a carrier gas to deliver water vapor to the furnace. This allows users to deliver ultra pure 100% water vapor, speeding the diffusion of water into the oxide film. The result is higher driving force and faster growth rate. This is because the growth rate of the oxide layer is directly related to the effective diffusion coefficient of the water molecules into the oxide layer and the equilibrium concentration in the immediate area.

Growth Rate Comparison shows 18% improvement over Bubbler

In rigorous testing, the RASIRC Steamer delivered 18% improvement in growth rate over a bubbler, reducing process time by 2 days.

Growth Rate Comparison show 7% improvement over Torch

Customer tests show across the board 7% improvement in Steamer growth rate over the torch. By eliminating the carrier gas and blanketing the entire furnace tube in pure water vapor, RASIRC Steamer ensures that even the load end of the furnace tube reaches maximum theoretical growth rate.

RASIRC Steamer uses a non-porous hydrophilic membrane that selectively allows water vapor to pass. Selectivity is significant with up to 1,000,000x relative to nitrogen molecules. In the vapor phase, the membrane only allows water. All other molecules are greatly restricted, so contaminants in water such as dissolved gases, ions, TOCs, particles, viruses, bacteria, pyrons, and metals can be removed n the steam phase.

Tests also show reduction of 67 different metals to below detectable limits. Some contaminants have been verified to less than 0.0005 parts per billion. Urea, Nitrogen and CO2 can be eliminated. Because the RASIRC Steamer works with water vapor at low pressures, stainless steel delivery systems can be replaced with quartz and fluoropolymer piping systems, eliminating potential metallic contaminants.

All wetted components in the liquid path are quartz or Teflon®. The purified steam path components are quartz and Teflon® fittings and valves.

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