The RASIRC Steamer 225

Compact, Ultra Pure Steam Generation and Control, with flow rate up to 12.5 slm for atmosphere and vacuum process pressure

The RASIRC Steamer 225 combines a clean steam generator and purification assembly into a single water vapor delivery system. All wetted components in the steam path are quartz or Teflon®.

RASIRC Steamers are proven to increase oxide growth rate, chamber uniformity, and film quality, plus reduce operating cost when compared against all other steam technologies.

In process tests, the RASIRC Steamer delivered 18% improvement in growth rate over a bubbler, reducing process time by 2 whole days.

Customer tests show across the board 7% improvement in Steamer growth rate over the torch. By eliminating the carrier gas and blanketing the entire furnace tube in pure water vapor, RASIRC Steamer ensures that even the load end of the furnace tube reaches maximum theoretical growth rate.

The RASIRC Steamer 225 uses a non-porous hydrophilic membrane that selectively allows water vapor to pass. Selectivity is significant with up to 1,000,000x relative to nitrogen molecules. In the vapor phase, the membrane selectively passes water molecules. All other molecules are greatly restricted, so contaminants in water such as dissolved gases, ions, TOCs, urea, particles, viruses, bacteria, pyrons, and metals can be removed in the steam phase.

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